What we do

Web & Dev Services

Whether world-facing or internal, the browser and the app are today's functionality conduits. From high transaction architectures to user interfaces, from databases to security, from SEO to analytics and social media services, our web development & management services have you covered.

Data Services

Big Data may seem trendy, but organizations have wanted to turn business data into business intelligence since before silicon. Buzzwords, products and strategies abound. Cut through the fog, and it's what we do: capture, storage, processing and synthesis of unwieldy data sets.

IT Operations

The adjacent topics may sound sexier, but it takes effort to support your users and to keep your databases, devices, systems, servers, computers and network healthy and secure. Whether it's staff aug or someone to run the shop, our IT Operations services fit any size organization, from emerging to enormous.

Advisory & Oversight

A pinch of tech strategy, anyone? How about a dash of vision? Some orgs don't need a full-time C-level technologist. But, that doesn't mean there aren't times when one would come in handy. For those times, we offer full-time, part-time or ad-hoc CTO, CIO, and CDO services for organizations of any size.

Cloud Services & Ops

Our cloud services extend all the way down to the ground. We've engineered and managed the data centers where the cloud lives. Whether it's your own private cloud or a shared service, we've been there: design, engineering, deployment, migration, consolidation and management.

Harnessing Forces

For Whom

Controlling the Chaos

Security breaches headline the news almost daily, it seems. Everybody keeps saying that cloud computing is lowering costs and simplifying operations. Systems integration seems more myth than reality. Workers are all over the map, on laptops, phones, and tablets - how exposed and dangerous is that? So many technology decisions. So many potential missteps. Sound advice is rare. Searchlight has helped many organizations make sense of it all. Let us do the same for you.

Providing Perspective