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We're a focused team of senior IT professionals with a passion for critical thinking and creative problem solving.

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Critical Thinking

Our core principle: evidence-based decision making. Without a rigorous analytical framework, opinions dominate. All of our decisions, recommendations and actions are based on reason, rationality, and sound analysis. Let us help you achieve success through reason.

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Founded in 2000, Searchlight has seen trends and bubbles, worked across the ever-expanding tech landscape, and become adept at executing the technologies that form the underpinnings of our modern world. Let us bring this depth of experience to bear for you.

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Expert Navigation

A fog of opportunities, possibilities, options and decisions stands between you and victory. From the C-suite to the end user, Searchlight has helped many organizations navigate to success. Let us do the same for you.


C-Level Technology

C-Level Technology

Tech vision and strategy: critical in today’s marketplace. Maybe your organization is in the process of filling a vacancy, or your current tech leadership needs support, or perhaps your org doesn’t require a full-time C-level technologist, but having access to one would sure come in handy.

For those times, Searchlight offers interim, part-time,  ad-hoc or auxiliary CIO, CTO, CDO, and CISO services for organizations of any size.

Technology Leadership can take many forms, including:

Technology Assessment

We analyze and evaluate an organization's current tech state - systems, integrations, processes, operations, budget and IT capabilities - as a basis for transformation.

Vision Setting

We evaluate opportunities for leveraging technology, guide management to a determination of the real value of technology  to the org, and set goals accordingly.

Road Mapping

With the vision clear, it's essential to chart a measured course of programs, projects, operational and process changes, change management, and other activities that lead the org toward its technological goals. We can help.


Determining TCO and ROI provide only a partial understanding of the financial impact of technology. We can help you establish the full financial basis required, year-over-year, to traverse the Road Map.


We've helped many clients with what is arguably the most challenging aspect of tech today - engaging resources, whether on staff or by contact, to realize the org's tech vision.



Today’s distracted, disrupted, rapidly-changing business environment demands a structured and consistent approach to IT management.

Whether an organization is undertaking a single initiative, or is engaged in many competing and overlapping efforts, establishing proper tech management practices can align efforts and business goals, and bring order to chaos.

Project Management

Whether your org is agile, waterfall, or a hybrid, execution requires definition of, and adherence to, a project management process that meets the needs of the project and the org. We can ensure those needs are met.

Program Management

Aligning efforts to gain advantage can increase efficiency, reduce risk and ensure that goals stay clearly in the cross-hairs. In a complex environment of tangled interdependencies, shifting objectives, and conflicting priorities, we can help you maintain a laser focus.

Portfolio Management

For larger organizations, portfolio-based administration of projects and programs may be not only a way to bring order to chaos, but the only way to ensure business objectives are being achieved. Let us help you achieve your objectives.

IT Performance Management

Are IT efforts delivering as promised? Are IT resources focused on initiatives that provide the most value to the org? Is IT performance being consistently and continually measured and evaluated? We can build confidence that IT is delivering as desired.

IT Operations Management

Supporting users and keeping databases, devices, systems, servers, computers, and networks up, healthy and secure takes precise planning and flawless execution. We’ve architected and managed IT operations for clients of all sizes, from the desktop to the data center.

Change Management

Organizational change poses challenges and risks to even the most nimble org. We can help your org understand, assimilate and adjust to change brought on by technological progress.

Our Clients

Searchlight has been serving commercial, federal government and non-profit clients for over 20 years. Our clients include:

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