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We're a focused team of senior IT professionals with a passion for critical thinking and creative problem solving.

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Critical Thinking

Our core principle: evidence-based decision making. Without a rigorous analytical framework, opinions dominate. All of our decisions, recommendations and actions are based on reason, rationality, and sound analysis. Let us help you achieve success through reason.

Searchlight is

Founded in 2000, Searchlight has seen the ups and downs, the trends and fads, and the real foundational technologies that run the world. Let us bring this depth of experience to bear for you.

Searchlight is
Expert Navigation

A fog of opportunities, possibilities, options and decisions stands between you and victory. From the C-suite to the end user, Searchlight has helped many organizations navigate to success. Let us do the same for you.


Technology Transformation

All too often, an organization’s technology strategy isn’t closely aligned with management’s vision. We can help re-align today’s strategy and look beyond the horizon to create a road map that gets you to tomorrow.

Whether tomorrow demands high transaction architectures, security, analytics, social media services, cloud migration, or the deployment and integration of SAAS systems such as Salesforce, our experience will get you there.

Data & Analytics

Organizations have wanted to turn business data into business intelligence since before silicon. We’ve created architectures to capture, store, query, analyze, and visualize high volume, high velocity user data sets, and used statistical modeling, predictive analytics, and trend analysis to extract value from data.

Technology Leadership

Tech vision and strategy: critical in today’s marketplace. Many organizations don’t need or can’t afford a full-time C-level technologist, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when one would come in handy. For those times, Searchlight offers full-time, part-time or ad-hoc CTO, CIO, CDO, and CISO services for organizations of any size.

Engineering & Ops

Supporting users and keeping your databases, devices, systems, servers, computers, and networks running, healthy and secure takes precise planning and flawless execution. We’ve engineered and managed IT operations for clients of all sizes, from the desktop to the data center.

Our Clients

Searchlight has been serving commercial, federal government and non-profit clients for over 20 years. Our clients include:

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